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How to Use an Accountability Partner to Scale up Your Business

How to Use an Accountability Partner to Scale up Your Business

Why an Accountability Buddy Is Your Secret Weapon for Faster Growth

Entrepreneurs can quickly lose focus on their goals and this can lead to poor outcomes or outpu as it where of their businesses. Have you hit a celling in your earnings? Do you sometimes find yourself derailing from your set objectives for your business? Are you losing focus or doing too many things at the same same time that is responsible for your results. Better still have you though to taking on an accountability to help you scale up your business? If you answered yes to those questions, then an Accountability Partner or buddy could be just what you need to steer your business on the path of higher and faster growth.

What is accountability? It simply means accounting for your deeds. Who is an Accountability Partner? This is a person who mentors or coaches another individual in order to help the other individual to stay focused on certain goals.

According to a study conducted by Dan Diamond at the University of Scranton, which was published in Forbes, lack of an accountability buddy to help an individual achieve their goal is one of the reasons 92 percent of individuals fail to achieve their goals for a new year. The same is true for entrepreneurs.

Having an accountability partner can help you deal with the hectic pace of the business and keep you focused. You have goals and projected outcomes but what about a second opinion? That will surely boost your chances because an accountability bubby will give you further insight on your stated goals and keep you from derailing so that you can achieve them.

Winston Churchill once said that “the price of greatness is responsibility”. There is no successful business that was the result of the ingenuity of one person. Corporate success is usually due to the team effort of employees. It is said that behind every person who is successful, there’s a wonderful team or person. Just the different perspectives and useful feedback you can get from a buddy can keep you focused to achieve your goals. That is the reason an Accountability Partner will greatly improve your chances for success in the business world.

If you want to increase the likelihood of achieving a set goal, you have to be clear about it and be committed. An Accountability Buddy assists you in doing just that. The reciprocity principle is one reason why dealings with an Accountability Buddy are powerful. It is a known fact that if a person devotes their precious time to help you achieve success, you begin to subconsciously feel moved to repay them. What better way to do so than by achieving the stated objectives you committed to?


Choose Someone Who Will Be Brutally Honest With You

Search for the right person. It is not recommended that you use a family member or a pal. This is because of the emotional involvement that may interfere. If the issue had been about personal stuff, then a pal or family member may come in. However, for business matters, use someone you know but is able to keep his distance. It is best to use someone fresh who is highly committed like yourself. However, it must be someone you trust to keep your conversations and reports on your accountability highly confidential. Pick someone who can challenge you not someone timid. Your partner should be able and willing to make you answer questions. It should be someone who challenges you to do your business with devotion and integrity.  Select someone who will be responsible and carry out the role with seriousness. Your accountability partner must be a person who is slightly above your level of success in business. However, his strengths and weaknesses must be different from yours.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

Clarity is of the essence in Accountability Partnerships. Your buddy needs to know exactly what is expected with regards to performance otherwise he will fall short. If you fail to put forth clear expectations, you will be setting yourself up for challenges in the future. So clearly explain the concept of Accountability Partnership to your proposed buddy. Then mention the benefits and confirm the person’s interest. It is essential to fix regular appointments for meeting your buddy and define how often you should meet. It is better to fix it on a day and time that fits both your schedules. Also be specific on what day and time you will meet and what type of meetings you will be having. Some people prefer meeting via Skype while others prefer phone conversations. Still, others prefer meeting in person. The avenue doesn’t matter as long as long as the meetings are regular and provide mutual support. If it is not planned that way, the partnership is doomed.  That appointment should be viewed as sacrosanct once it has been made. Definitely, there will be times when you have to postpone a meeting, but it is necessary to schedule time.  This will begin to train your mind to the brim with ideas you can discuss at your next meeting. Also, discuss how you can develop accountability statements. These are action statements that you promise to work on before the next meeting. To make it work such accountability statements have to be connected to your basic goal and be doable within a well-defined time frame. Achieving these small milestones will move you steadily each time towards the larger goal of your business success.

Agree On Outcomes

You and your Accountability Partner have to agree on outcomes. Remember that what accountability is cannot be the same for everybody. Just find out what works for you and your partner. Agree on what the goals and strategies are so that as you take steps in the right direction towards your goal, they are rewarded and you feel energized to move on towards the larger goal. Once every three months or thereabouts, look at what progress you’ve made on the way. Check for any changes and any adjustments that need to be done.


It is easy to see that Accountability Partners can help you stay focused in many areas of endeavor. Particularly in business, an Entrepreneur with an Accountability partner would outclass his peers in the Business world with his focus and dedication. Just ensure you select the right partner for your needs and be committed to your focus, then your business will be poised for glory.

How to Use an Accountability Partner to Scale up Your Business
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