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5 Stages Of A Marketing Funnels

5 Stages Of A Marketing Funnels

A sales funnel is a predefined sales process that businesses tend to lead customers through when buying products or services. Usually, a sales funnel is subdivided into several steps. In this article, we will consider five steps or strategies. They are Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy.

Let us take a look at each of these.


This is the time a user or prospect learns of your brand for the first time. The user is now aware of a solution for a particular need.


In this phase, prospective users show their interest in a product usually by carrying out research on that product. They are not ready to purchase the product yet because they may be considering your offer compared with that of other competitors with similar solutions or products.


At this phase, the prospective user has decided to buy that product. He may just have settled for you over your competitors.


Here, the user purchases the product and uses it. If they enjoyed using your product, they become loyal to your brand. At this phase, you have loyal customers who regularly purchase products from you and stick with you depending on your product offering. They have settled for you instead of your competitors.


At this phase, users who loved your product actively tell others about your company and product.

These phases are by no means exhaustive. You certainly can add more phases to the ones discussed as you progress and develop new opportunities. The basic thing you must take cognizance of is the fact that the phases do not end just with purchase. After purchase, a lot of effort still needs to be put into making a buyer or user a loyal advocate.

Strategies to Optimize the Marketing Funnels

  • Target the Most Likely Buyers

These are prospects that have shown all the characteristics of readiness. They are the most likely to convert and they are easier too. So, target as many of them as you possibly can. The best tool to target them is AdWords as it makes it possible for you to target queries from serious prospects.

  • Eyes on Consideration Stage

If you want to maximize conversions, you need to do more than just target the most likely buyers. This is because those most likely buyers are relatively few and there is much competition for them. So what can you do to target those in the consideration stage?

  1. Lead with free content as top of the funnel
  2. Target product purchases of related items
  3. Track defferent stages of your funnel visits
  • Guide leads towards purchasing

Treat every lead as a potential customer and ensure that you guide as many prospects as you can towards purchasing. To do this you will need to employ a variety of tools like AdWords, social advertisement and organic search. Due to FaceBook targeting options, these leads can be readily targeted. To guide them towards purchasing, you will need a very good content strategy that enables you to provide leads with the necessary information that will make them keep coming back.

  • Develop loyal customers to advocate your brand

You want your customers to keep coming for more. You also need them to recommend you to others. Here is what you need to do

  1. Ensure your products and services are top-notch
  2. Offer excellent customer service
  3. Make refund possible
  4. Develop and implement return policies
  5. Create loyalty programs
  6. Reward those who recommend you
  7. Develop personalized offers for your current customers
  8. Do promos
  9. After purchase services
  • Automate the Sales Process

Automation has to do with list segmentation, tagging, messenger bots deployments and email automation. And you can easily retarget people based on the part of your funnel thay visited but did not carry out your intented action.

5 Stages Of A Marketing Funnels
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