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Being productive is not just about spending more hours working. Basically, it involves achieving specific milestones. You might have recognized a need for productivity because you seem to be producing little results or you are easily distracted from accomplishing task that you set out to accomplish. Here are some ways to manage your time and increase productivity.

Get up once the alarm clock goes off

Most mornings, we are often tempted to hit the snooze button so we can get more sleep time. It has been shown that doing that will make you feel more tired. If you set an alarm, once it goes off, get up and get to work. At first, it may seem difficult but gradually your body will adjust.

Pay attention to more productive activities

It is important to work smarter not harder. If you try to rush so many things in a day, you might end up feeling tired and still not get much done. This is why it is important to prioritize your tasks. You are better able to function in the morning, so set your most important tasks around that time and less important ones later in the day. Our alertness, concentration and working memory increase a few hours after waking up. Schedule your most important work around this period usually mid-morning.

Set defined goals and work on them

Without goals, there is no motivation. Setting goals helps you know what you are working towards. However, it is not just about setting goals. The most important thing is to set realistic goals and actively work towards achieving them. From time to time, you check how far you have come and the work left to do. You also know if you aren’t making progress. This leaves room for improvements.

Don’t try to do more than one thing at once

You might think you will achieve more by multitasking but you may just be wasting your time. The human brain cannot handle more than one task with the same level of concentration. To become more productive, concentrate on one important task during your peak hours and move on to others later in the day.

Set time aside to rest and exercise

The human body can easily break down if there isn’t time to rest and exercise. Exercise can greatly reduce stress, tension and help to increase focus. With just simple exercises like walking to the office, you can actually give your body the rest it needs.

Take enough water

Nutritionists recommend taking a few cups of water once you wake up. Water can help you feel refreshed and stay energized throughout the day. You can keep liquids close to you by getting a water bottle and keeping them with you all the time. Take enough water all through the day and watch your productivity levels increase.

Get rid of distractions: there are so many things clamoring for our attention daily. Social media is a major distraction. You find yourself going through your phone and wasting time that could have been spent on more productive activities. Here is an active way to get rid of distractions. Take a piece of paper and list out the things that distract you daily. It might be that annoying coworker, your television or clutter on your desk. From here, you can be able to remove them and get more meaningful work done.

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